Hennepin Food mart


On the Banks of the Illinois River

102 North Front Street

Hennepin, Illinois. 61327

Phone: 815-925-7308

Email Us:  hennepinfoodmart@gmail.com

Open 7 Days per Week 8:00am to 6:00pm

Sundays till Noon!!!

We sell only UDSA Choice Black Angus Beef

All Meats Processed in our Store

Fresh Homemade Sausages, Brats, Liver Sausages

Beef Sides and Quarters Flash Frozen for your Freezer

Full line of Groceries and Specialty Foods

Fresh Produce that we personally pick in Chicago Weekly

Full Service Deli, We Cater, Homemade Foods a Call Away

Full Service Bakery, Home of Lorraines’s Cakes

We cater and set up your party for any occassion.

   Home of the 20 Million Dollar           

         Lottery Winner!!!!

“Our Customers are the Foundation of our Business of over 50 Years;

We strive to provide Value in the finest meats, produce and grocieries.

Money Back on ANY item if YOU say so!”

We Try

Hard to Serve You


Thanks For Your Business!!!